Why Massage


Massage is one of the least invasive therapies available today boasting increasing benefits for people suffering from anxiety, stress, tension headaches, and many conditions caused by nerve compression from muscle tension often misdiagnosed as more serious conditions.  This includes sciatic pain and carpel tunnel as well as a number of  issues that cause back pain. So before you agree to surgery because you can't stand the pain anymore give massage a chance. 

What we do

We are not a spa and the treatments we offer are not for everyone.  We believe that your massage should go beyond the table and help you do what you love in work and play.  We do this by balancing the stength and flexibility of your body. 


Our goal is to balance FLEXIBILITY with STRENGTH

Massage works to loosen and lengthen muscle eliminating knots and reducing unwanted muscle tension. This is why massage reduces stiffness and pain and increases flexibility. But not every part of the body needs increased flexibility. Often times the muscles surrounding a joint are not in balance with each other one group of muscles may require lengthening and stretching while it's antagonist -(the muscles that pull the joint in the opposite direction) may need to be strengthened. Our goal is to balance flexibility with strength creating a stable joint. This requires the work of both the therapist and YOU.

You are the only one who can strengthen your muscles, work on maintaining good posture and establish good eating, sleep and lifestyle habits.  This is why we strive to educate each client so you know the best stretches to do given your habits and lifestyle and ultimately encourage you to take control of your health. 



Muscle Recovery 


Whether you exercise to maintain your health or are a professional athlete -Cross Fit enthusiast, ballet dancer, avid hiker- you're working to strengthen your muscles. Everyone knows there is always a certain amount of recovery time required after an intense workout. Did you know that massage reduces that recovery period? By increasing blood flow to your muscle you increase how quickly you heal reducing recovery time. If you have adhesion from old injuries or trigger points from longstanding bad posture this can reduce blood flow making it difficult to strengthen your muscles since it interferes with the muscle building processes. 


Injury Recovery