A Different Mindset 

At one point in time, Chinese doctors were paid when their patients where healthy and didn’t receive any monetary compensation if that patient became ill. The motivation then for the doctors was to see their patients remain in optimal health.

Because of this massage throughout Asia has always been seen as part of a good lifestyle along with movement therapies such as chi gong and a healthy colorful diet. This mindset is evidently seen in all eastern style massage therapy as they focus on maintaining balance and strength within your body, they focus on the subtle vs the obvious.






When you think of massage you probably think of swedish massage performed with oil on a table under a comfortable blanket. Shiatsu brakes all these rules.

Unlike Swedish massage which is usually given on a table using oil, Shiatsu is typically performed on a mat placed on the ground with the recipient in comfortable loose clothing.  This provides several advantages over the Swedish style in my opinion. To start with no time is wasted on draping, more range of motion and stretching techniques can be used,  and if you’ve never had massage before and are uncomfortable with the idea of undressing this omits that requirement.



Supportive Therapies

Aromatherapy, Heat Therapy, and Cupping are techniques I incorporate into each massage based off of your bodies individual needs. These therapies support the work performed during your massage or decrees recovery time from highly therapeutic sessions.  


Aromatherapy is utilized to aid in tissue repair and healing after treatment or to support relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy warms tissues prior to massage melting fascia to prepare the body for deep tissue work without causing damaging. This reduces discomfort for you during your massage and allows me to make more progress with each treatment.