What is shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage therapy that incorporates traction, joint mobilization, passive stretches, and a tremendous variety of compression techniques, including acupressure, which is a manual form of acupuncture.

Although Shiatsu stimulates physical structures of the body, such as the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous system, its primary goal is to balance the flow of vital energy or life force in the body (often referred to as Chi or Ki).

Chinese philosophy says “blood follows Ki” and so where the Ki is blocked the blood is blocked also and no healing can take place

By restoring the Ki we restore the blood flow to the tissue. New blood brings oxygen and nutrients and clears away waste (broken down and damaged cells) this is how massage aids your body in healing itself.

What to EXPECT


~Shiatsu addresses your whole body. The rhythmic forms of compression and acupressure allow shiatsu to be both a relaxing and effective form of massage.

~You will remain fully clothed throughout the session.

Before you arrive

~Please wear loose comfortable clothing. This will allow for full rang of motion during your session. (note: if you are coming directly from another obligation you can bring clothing to change into once you arrive)

~Eating a big meal prior to your appointment is not recommended

~Please consider turning off your phone during your massage. We recommend this to help you relax and enjoy the full value of receiving a massage.

Sports Massage

Why sports Massage?

Have you hit a plateau with your strength training? Are Shin Splints keeping you from going the extra mile during your run? Or is an old injury holding you back? Massage helps increase your flexibility, strength and speed.

How sports massage AFFECTS your body.

Have you ever thought about why you’re sore after a good workout? Strength training requires your muscles to work beyond their normal comfort zone to do this work breaks down the muscle fibers this is a good thing because now your body knows you want more from that muscle so each muscle cell will make more mitochondria(the part of the cell producing power) allowing each cell to lift more until the weight you’re lifting is no longer outside that muscles ‘comfort zone’ and you need to increase your weight. However in addition to increased strength from this process there also can be residual scar tissue and broken down cells causing fascial restrictions. After a while this starts to add up and it can become difficult for your body to continue to keep strengthening the muscle.

Massage breaks down the scar tissue and fascial restrictions by bringing blood flow back into the previously restricted areas allowing your body to clear it away and start fresh.

What to expect


~With Sports Massage you generally will not receive a full body massage. Rather the therapist will use their best judgment to decide where the time will be most effectively spent to help achieve your long term goals.

~Sports massage is performed with oil. We mix our own blend of wild crafted Jojoba oil and organic Coconut oil for all our Sports Massage treatments.

~Heat Therapy is applied to help relax and prepare your body for massage. Long deep gliding strokes are used to lengthen muscle and balance joints to help reclaim ideal posture. We often use a mixture of Helichrysum and Wintergreen essential oil to help your body recover.

~Remember that symptoms are signs of imbalance but often are not the cause. We will ask for a detailed health history and we encourage you to share as many of your symptoms and regular activates as possible to help us find the cause.

~No perfumes, strong detergents or scents of any kind are used in our space.

Before you arrive

~If you are seeking massage to aid in injury recovery, make sure you have given full details of the injury to us prior to booking since massage is not always helpful for the healing process.